A Theory I Believe in! by Jamie Rhoten

Can Fun be the New Social Psych Theory? by Jamie Rhoten

A Theory is a set of beliefs, assumptions, and/or observations that are attributed to explain some phenomenon and is usually believed to be true, but not yet proven fact. For example, Newtons Laws are considered factual but evolution is “just a theory” and is widely believed among scientists, yet is not quite proven as factual.

A new theory has recently been established (and heavily advertised in Europe)  by a popular car company, Volkswagen. I recently heard about their commercials advertising about their new theory posted on youtube and became curious. The theory that they are promoting social awareness of is simple…way simple.  It may even seem impossible to prove as factual..but I believe in it.

“Fun can change behavior for the better”

Volkswagen is trying hard to promote social experiments that claim to prove this theory correct. If they succeed, this theory will become known as fact in the social scientist world! The pioneers of this theory test it by addressing a social problem, such as, obesity, lack of recycling, or speeding violations. Then they form a creative and fun solution to the problem, and use observation as a method to research the results. The Fun Theory has created short promotional videos showing their findings and claim that fun changes behavior in a positive way. Here is a few of their videos that “prove” their theory as fact.

This is my favorite. It is not an official video from funtheory.com but it shows the success of changing a negative behavior (boys not lifting the seat up) by making it fun!

These videos demonstrating The Fun Theories research have shown some findings that the theory of introducing fun could be proven as factual, with more research and testing. But the theory does seem to be right to me at least. I mean the boy did changed his behavior because fun was introduced which shows our theory could be correct and proven… some day!

  1. #1 by peacepirate on June 7, 2012 - 10:19 PM

    I think that the fun theory is absolutely true, but I wonder if there is another aspect. I think that a big part of fun is user interaction. I know many art exhibits or city attractions which become popular because an aspect of them is controlled by the common man, as opposed to just being static and decided by someone else. I wonder if somehow this plays into the ‘fun’ theory, and as human beings we look for experiences where we can make a difference as opposed to simply accepting the art and design of others.

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