How Culture Defines Us- Tianna Freeman

Culture is made up of so many things: how we think, what we do, our beliefs, and the traditions we carry on to reflect those beliefs.  Culture is shared by many people and many generations.

Hopi girl and mother
Rez Ball

For example, these three pictures are one way my culture defines me. The first picture reminds me of visiting family on the Hopi reservation and all the times my mom did my hair in the traditional buns. The second is just as relevant to me as the first, as there is nothing better than a pick-up game of rez ball. The third is just another aspect that defines me: the Church and music. So, the conglomeration of all these things defines me as a LDS Native who loves basketball. At the same time they define who my family is and who they have been, and they can even define LDS Native Americans all over the U.S. These three different things don’t have to go together, in fact all three can describe three distinct cultures. Whether it be Native culture, Mormon culture, BYU culture, or just American culture, who we are, what we believe, and how we act defines us as a people.

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