“Intuition: Positive and Negative”- Liz Ammons

Intuition is the thinking that goes on in the back of our minds. It is more unconscious thinking than conscious. In many ways, intuition allows us to think and act without reasoning. Intuition can be both a positive thing and a negative thing. With intuition we can bring experiences or memories quickly to our minds, which can be helpful in many different situations. On the other hand, intuition can connect our memories to negative events or things and create fears that may cripple us.

In the movie French Kiss the main actress is terrified of flying on airplanes. The beginning of the film begins with her on a fake plane that is set up for the purpose of helping people overcome their fear of flying. As she tries to train herself to get over her fear of flying, she cannot let go of this intuitive fear.

This example outlines how intuition can have negative effects on people. The main character in French Kiss was incapacitated by her fear of flying. It prevented her from being able to go the places she wanted to go. No matter how hard she tried she could not reason through her panic. Her intuition created a misconception of the danger of flying and affected her behavior and attitude.

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