Kayla Sharee Baucom: “The Naturalistic Fallacy”

Naturalistic Fallacy. In my own terms, naturalistic fallacy is the tendency to define something as “good” because it is observable/normal and because it is what everyone else is doing. The first thing I thought of to describe this more specifically was status quo. And who can think about status quo, without thinking about High School Musical? Not me!

The kids that tell their “secrets” in the video, do not suffer from naturalistic fallacy because they do not want to stick with the status quo. Everyone else in the video, however, do suffer from naturalistic fallacy because they are telling the kids with secrets that what they (the ‘secret’ kids) want to do is “wrong” by their (the other kids) actions and words.

  1. #1 by sbezz17 on June 6, 2012 - 4:53 PM

    I agree that this is a good example of the naturalistic fallacy, but do you think it could also illustrate the power of social norms. They seem to be related and there is a lot of overlap, but I could see this video just as easily illustrating social norms and the normative influence. These kids followed these social norms because they wanted to be liked and accepted by their peers. -Seren Bezzant

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