Self-Handicapping by Kayla Sharee Baucom

Self-Handicap: this is to have an explanation for why you might be bad at something. It’s a way of protecting ourselves from failure that could occur later. It is a common occurrence for almost  anyone in our every day lives.

Example: Giving a talk in church, is the first thing I thought of when we learned about this concept. So I made a meme.

And to further the example, apparently I’m an idiot, because I can’t figure out how to attach a picture. I hope the link works.

My meme is an example of self-handicap because the speaker gave an excuse before he gave the talk just in case he didn’t do very well on the talk. As was stated above, and in class, you can self-handicap by preparing (and then using) excuses for possible failure ahead of time, or you can create real obstacles for yourself. In this case, the speaker made an excuse for himself, thereby falling into the self-handicap category.

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