Six degrees to Kevin Bacon – Tianna Freeman

Our class discussion about basking in reflected glory was really interesting to me, mostly because I see this everyday. The concept of basking in reflected glory means that people want to affiliate themselves with those who are successful, regardless of whether or not they play a role in that success. In so doing, we create this self-perception of being more socially desirable, successful, and other attributes that we deem as “positive”.
Take into consideration the game “Six degrees to Kevin Bacon”. If you have never played it, you simply try to associate yourself with Kevin Bacon in six steps. Whoever makes it to Kevin Bacon in the fewest amount of steps wins. For example: William Shatner made a movie in my hometown and he know Leonard Nimoy. Leonard Nimoy has worked with Steven Spielberg who in turn worked with Kevin Bacon in “Apollo 13”. So, I have four degrees to Kevin Bacon. My roommate can make it to Kevin Bacon in five steps. So, I get the bragging rights when it comes to knowing Kevin Bacon.
Now, it’s not that any of us have ever actually met Kevin Bacon or any of the actors involved in getting to Kevin Bacon. In fact, I wasn’t even alive when William Shatner made the movie in my hometown. Nonetheless, I view myself as more awesome and cooler than my roommates simply because I take the fewest steps to associate with Kevin Bacon’s success. This doesn’t effect my success is any way, it’s just a fun game to play that gives you a bit of an ego boost.

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