Self Fulfilling Prophecies -Amy Jennings

Sometimes, our belief in something can actually make it reality. This is called a Self-fulfilling prophecy. If you (and/or others) believe that you are beautiful, strong or smart, you are much more likely to become those things. Self fulfilling prophecies can really be positive or negative, though I think we tend to remember the negative ones. If a child is labeled as “abnormal” “stupid” or “different” they tend to become that.

One great example of a self fulfilling prophecy is the following clip from Kung Fu Panda

It was prophesied that Tai Lung would escape, so the duck is sent to the prison to ensure he is safely held. It is in this action that Tai Lung finds a way to escape. A single feather drops, enabling Tai Lung to escape and wage war against the Furious Five.

I love the line about how in our path to avoid Destiny, we often find it. The truth is, we create our own destiny. These perceived paths of “stupid” or “abnormal” only affect us if we let them affect us or others. We really need to be careful.

  1. #1 by amyekankiewicz on May 8, 2012 - 2:29 PM

    There have been studies that show how minorities complete self-fulfilling prophecies. In some studies, when women are told that they will do worse on a test because they are women, on average, they do worse than men. It is interesting how our perceptions, or others’ influences on us can affect us that much.–Amy Kankiewicz

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