Amy Kankiewicz_Recency Effect

Recency Effect: The recency effect occurs when information presented toward the end of a list is remembered more than information presented toward the beginning or middle of the list, resulting in the latter information to have a greater effect on the observer.

I have a friend that presents this effect perfectly.  I often text him with multiple questions per text, however, he almost always responds only to the last question I asked. The following is one such instance:

Him: I am not excited for finals.  The only good part is that I get a break after.

Me: When are your finals?  Also, what do you plan to do with your break?

Him: I don’t have any definite plans yet.  I will probably have to get a job or something.

Me: …You did not answer my first question.

Him: What was your question?

Me: When are your finals?…

This is an example of the recency effect because he only remembered the information at the end (only the second question).  The information presented at the beginning of the list did not have a great effect on him, and so he forgot to respond to the first question of when his finals were.

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