Changing Roles- Tianna Freeman

Roles are the norms and actions that we ourselves and that society set that define how we should behave in certain social positions. Whenever we enter into new roles we may feel like a fake at first. But, the longer we stay in a new role, the more it grows on us until it changes our attitudes and behaviors.

An example of roles that I really like is the TV show “White Collar”. The main character is Neal Caffrey, a con man, thief, and forger who escapes prison with only a few months left on his sentence. He’s caught again by FBI agent Peter Burke and makes a deal with him that he will help out with Burke’s cases as part of a work-release program.


The transition from convict to FBI consultant is hard for Caffrey, especially since his reputation constantly looms over his head. After a lot of cases and a few misunderstandings, Caffrey is able to prove to Burke that he won’t try to escape and that he will continue to help solve cases. His methods aren’t always logical, or legal for that matter, but Caffrey becomes increasingly more comfortable in his role as FBI consultant and law-abiding citizen.

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