“Social Roles” by Samuel Ramos

Social role is a set of connected behaviors, rights and obligation in a social situation. It usually is an expected or continuously changing behavior and may have a given individual social status and social position. In other words, when you see a professional soccer player in the field you would expect of him to be aggressive and strong throughout a match. The same applies to us students. We are expected to behave in a respectful manner in front of our instructor or professor.

An applicable example comes from “30 Rock” sitcom when VP Jack Donaughy works in Kenneth’s position as receptionist which includes doing menial errands for everyone. While Jack is trying to follow Kenneth around as his employee, he finds himself having a hard time accepting this job as something important for anyone to take part in. Kenneth in the other hand gets offended after Jack shares his frustration about running these meaningless errands.

The point is, everyone can either accept or deny their roles in society, but in order for companies and society to work effectively and efficiently roles need to be accepted. That is, of course, as long as it is contributing to the overall good. In sum, Roles keep us organized and engaged in improving our social status and significance to our community, not in a way of boasting, but in a way of contributing to others well-being.

Link: http://movies.netflix.com/WiPlayer?movieid=70136124&trkid=2361637

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