Boys Will Be Girls_Gender Role_Amy Kankiewicz

Gender Role: A gender role is a set method of behaving based on biological orientation of sex.  These roles are believed to be dichotomous—that is, they are believed to be opposites that should not be mixed (males should show male gender roles and females should show female gender roles).

This shows gender roles in a different light.  These men are showing female gender roles.  For example, women are more willing to share than men, as shown when the men asked who wanted to share a bite to eat.  Women are stereotyped as more emotional.  The Harvard Sailing Team did this by having one of the men on the phone with his girlfriend telling her to, “Say ‘I love you’ to me.”  They portrayed how women are more social and conversational, through their many discussions throughout the clip.  Also, they portrayed the fact that women are worried more about their weight than men are through the use of the phrase, “My diet starts tomorrow…OUR DIET STARTS TOMORROW!”  All of these things portrayed gender roles, or set methods of behavior, that are more geared toward women.

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