“Cultural Perspective on Gender” by Samuel Ramos

The best way to define gender is that involves social, cultural, and psychological aspects that belongs to habits, norms, roles and specially stereotypes considered typical and desirable for those who society has designated as female or male. Western culture still has these norms and stereotypes greatly ingrained in people. Going against these traits could mean social rejection and disfunction to people who are raised differently or even too liberally.
The more studies are done between differences between men and women, more similarities are found. Which is not surprising. Because of these similarities I find important that family culture instill in their children the importance of better representing their sex. Therefore, it is technically not too hard to raise our kids in the way we want them to be. In 4th grade there was this “guy”that would talk exactly like a girl, he would wear make up and do his nails colorfully. That happened in a city just outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, a very not so very gay friendly community in those days. His parents often motivated him to try out new products for his skin and hair, and to put it simply, he lived like a girl. Therefore, in my opinion his parents basically raised him that way and were happy with the decision. On the other hand, that kid was bullied heavily at school and he later on became depressed and had several issues till he went to college, where a more liberal environment is seen.
The example above shows not only that parents have immense influence in the way they raise their kids, but the similarities both sexes have can lead people to live several lifestyles if they are sorround by certain values. I’m not directly suggesting what is the right way to teach our family, but I just want to demonstrate how I truly support the theory of cultural theory of gender. Society in general has still maintained a few core values and perceptions of the purpose and characteristics of each sex. There is no coincidence that to defy that means rejection in a few aspects of your lives.
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