Gender bending- Kim Alvarado

Gender roles are the set of expected behavior ascribed to males and females within their culture. When it comes to deciding whether gender is culturally constructed or just a reflection of natural behavior, there is no definite answer.


In the clip above the group of men give a convincing portrayal of women by expounding on stereotypes of how women behave in everyday life and in relationships, however, some of the attributes expressed could also exist in some men and well as not  exist in some women. For example, the phrase “metro sexual” can be used as a sub-category of masculinity to describe a man who has “feminine” qualities yet is not considered gay or unmanly.

In this way we can understand how variation can exist in gender roles that doesn’t eliminate the gender categories, it creates sub-categories that are a better fit to an individual personality and lifestyle. In this way “gender bending” or bending culturally constructed gender roles is conducive to a healthy society because it makes allowances for people who differ from the norm. (I say this without even thinking of homosexuals or other behavior that is seen as extreme, as there is plenty of variability in how normal heterosexual individuals express their gender roles.) In order to truly understand gendered roles and behaviors as it relates to an individual we can define behavior and roles as being gender specific but not gender exclusive.


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