Gender Roles Changing Over Time-Seren Bezzant

It the textbook it talked about all kinds of gender roles, but it mentioned the fact that over one’s life time gender roles seem to change and transform. For example, men become for sensitive and focus on connectedness and women become more independent.

When I read this part of the textbook, I immediately thought of a scene in Gilmore Girls. I couldn’t find the exact clip, so I’ll just explain the situation. Richard and Emily are married and Richard has just retired. There is a whole scene dedicated to showing how annoyed Emily has become with having her husband home all the time. Richard keeps saying things like why can’t we do things together? Why do you have to be so busy all the time? Can’t I come with you to your meetings? Emily has this sense of resistance to her husbands requests. She has become accustomed to doing things independently and is taken aback when her husband insists on doing things together, when he has never acted that way before.

This is an example of gender roles changing over time, as in one’s lifetime. Men are generally more independent, but as they grow older they become more focused on connectedness with their relations, as Richard did in this particular episode. Emily who had always focused on being connected with her husband became overwhelmed and more independent as they aged. It is an interesting phenomenon to consider.

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