I’m not a boy! (by: Sara Walker)

Gender roles are the norms that society has for males and females.

When I was four years old, my sister Whitney and I got Legos for Christmas.  These were my legos:

These were Whitney’s legos:

I cried when I opened mine and compared them to Whitney’s.  “I’m not a boy!” I protested.  “Blue legos are for boys.” After that, I continuously told my sister that she looked like a boy (because she had short hair), in the hopes of getting her to use my Legos.

Growing up, I learned how society establishes gender roles: girls like pink and boys like blue.  I was offended that my parents would “consider me a boy.” Another gender role I believed: boys have short hair.  I thought that if I could convince my sister she was a boy because she has short hair, she would play the role of a boy and take my Legos.

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