Mean Girls by Jamie Rhoten

Obedience is when a person follows or behaves in accordance to demands.

Obedience is a form of conformity. In the movie “Mean Girls” the main character is a new student from Africa. During her first week she is introduced to a group of girls known as the Plastics. These three girls follow certain rules and if they do not obey or abide by those rules they are excluded from the group. The new girl, Lindsey Lohan decides to obey the rules or demands of the group and she changes her appearance, behavior, and beliefs. Here is an example in the movie where the new girl is being told all the rules after she has obeyed the first rule of wearing a pink shirt on Wednesdays. Because she has obeyed this rule she is included in the group.

This is an example of Obedience because Lindsey Lohan follows the commands or rules of the Plastic group and becomes a mean girl.


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