Personal Space by Austin Peterson (blog entry 5)

In any class I go into I have one main goal when I enter. Find a spot where it will be very hard for people to violate my personal space. My personal space is something I enjoy and if it gets invaded my class period will be fare more stressful. Personal Space is the buffer zone we like to maintain around our bodies. Its size depends on our familiarity with whoever is near us.  It is essentially the amount of room between you and the person next to you. For some its huge and for others its very small. I guess that why it got personal in its name, it different for all of us.

While in class is a place that personal space can get violated a lot, the other place it normally gets violated is the library. You know you have been there too when your studying at a table. You have all your books laid out and have staked your claim on the table and all the space at the table so you can move freely from book to book and not have to go around anyone.  And then that guy or girl comes and sits at the chair across from you and gradually tries to make their claim to the space as well. This can quickly become a huge violation of personal space and happens often. Here is a video clip of a girl doing it to a young man who was just hoping to have a harmless study hour.

This video clearly show this girl violate this guys personal space she starts by just grabbing the chair, she then puts her magazine down and slowly makes her way into his area. You can see him start to look around as she got closer and closer. Funny example of someone getting their personal space violated.

To conclude the idea of personal space and how close those around you can get is different for everyone. Your “buffer zone” is up to you. But a social norm it is, just look at around and violations will be occurring all around you!!

  1. #1 by kaylasharee on May 14, 2012 - 3:40 PM

    I know exactly what you mean! Also, I think there may be a different sense of personal space between guys and girls. Maybe another one of those gender differences we just learned about? Anyway, well explained Austin! The video was funny too.

    Kayla Baucom

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