Cohesiveness By Kelsey Lemmon

Conformity is predicted on the basis of several factors, one of these is cohesion. When an individual becomes a part of a group, and identifies with the members, they become cohesive. This cohesivenses and closeness leads to conformity. The individual is likely to follow the group because of their relationships and identifications with the other members in the group.

A good example of how a group cohesiveness affects conformity is found in this clip from Little Rascals.

Separated from their groups, Alfalfa and Darla start to think that the they might actually like each other. They think that maybe those from the opposite gender aren’t so bad after all! However, after they are back with their groups, they conform to the group’s way of thinking. The group reinforces the thought that boys smell for Darla, and the boys reinforce the idea that girls talk too much for Alfalfa. The two quickly join in the talk because they identify with the members of their group and do not want to be ostracized by them. It is a powerful way of persuasion that causes both individuals to let go of their own thoughts and join the thought of the groups.

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