“Popularity Conformity” by Aly Lallatin

Conformity is changing an aspect of oneself in order to assuage pressure that one feels from a group, whether the pressure is real or only imagined. Conformity is especially seen in teenagers, particularly those in high school. Many teens will do almost anything to become part of the ‘popular’ group.

I have a cousin who is an excellent example of this. Before he conformed to the traits expected of the popular kids, he was smart, respectful, clean cut and genuinely kind. However, one of his friends was part of the popular group and pressured my cousin to change in ordered to also be accepted. And he did. He joined the football team, he started failing classes, he started to pick on those he considered beneath him, and he was all around belligerent. At first it seemed he was just behaving this way to be accepted, but after a while, he actually believed in his behavior; his attitude had conformed to that of the popular group.

This is an example of conformity because my cousin changed his beliefs in response to the pressure he received from his friend and the popular kids.



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