swim suits at school?- cohesiveness: Clarissa Thomas

Cohesiveness: when members of a group possess bonds linking them to one another.  This  idea of cohesiveness is one element that can lead to conformity.

When I was in high school, all the girls on the swim team wore their swim suits over their clothes to school.

My swim team decided to make a stand together towards increasing the attendance at the swim meets by wearing our swim-team suits on top of our clothes.  We tried pulling this stunt off at the beginning of swim season- but a lot of the girls chickened out.  However, as we grew together as a team throughout the season-we were able to convince the chicken girls to do it with the rest of the team.  Yes it was embarrassing- but we took on the thoughts of the team and did it for the cause of the team.  This time around- everyone joined because no one wanted to be ostracized from the team- it was a success!!

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