The Beard Card by Austin Peterson (Blog Entry 6)

Here at BYU we have many rules that we get to follow. Many are understandable and some are not. But either way we follow and show compliance. Compliance is a type of conformity that involves publicy acting in accord with an implied or explicit request. We all at BYU comply with many rules and a great example is the facial hair rule that makes you forever seek a Beard Card.

The need for a beard card comes from the facial hair rule that BYU enforces which doesnt allows students to grow excessive facial hair. Many have thoughts and opinions on the issue of facial hair but only one man could ever truly play it off and that was Brigham himself. Here is a funny photo that shows just that    

The beard/facial hair rule at BYU clearly shows compliance by all of the students because we all respond to the request of the university whether we like it or not. The rule is in place and in order to do the things we need to do on campus and for our classes we comply even if we dont agree. As students at BYU we comply with many things and this is just another example of it.

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