“Mob Mentality in Japan” by Tatiana Herman

“Mob Mentality in Japan” by Tatiana Herman

People act differently when they’re in groups as opposed to how they act when they’re alone. And the bigger the group, the greater this difference becomes. Deindividuation occurs when people lose their sense of accountability and sense of self due to the power of a mob. The idea of being a part of something so much bigger than themselves is so intoxicating that they convince themselves they can’t be identified or set apart from the crowd.

This clip clearly displays a pretty riled up group of people who engage in behavior that they normally wouldn’t alone or even in a smaller number of people. It’s safe to say that many of the “mobbers” are likely responsible workers and good family members as individuals. However as a mob, they scared people to near death and inconvenienced them as they targeted individuals with no one to turn to in their time of need.

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