Unrealistic Optimism: We Can’t all Survive-Ian Hawkes

Though optimism is normally a positive thing, optimism can sometimes hinder us when it becomes unrealistic. Studies show that the majority of mankind is optimistic about future events. This means, however, that while we may assume that those around us may fall ill, get in car accidents, or be on the bad side of a deal, we often never assume that it will happen to us. This unrealistic optimism is often infused in us by our parents, who believe that we, more than others, will be successful.

The problem with unrealistic optimism is that it increases our vulnerability. We may not believe that risky actions can lead to serious repercussions, and unwisely the overly optimistic may place themselves in situations where they are doomed to fail.

This video, though comic in nature, represents a form of unrealistic optimism. Though the singer believes that no matter what happens she will be able to move on, she is not recognizing the chance that something unfortunate may befall her at any moment.

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