Blog Entry 8: Racism by Caitlin Randall

While the times certainly have changed, the attitudes of individuals within our society has not. There are so many people that still practice racism, or the act of discriminatory attitudes and behavior towards people of a given race. Racism can lead to exclusion, maltreatment, and all around unfairness towards people based on their skin color alone, which is something you cannot hold another person accountable for! After all, did you choose what color of skin you were born with?

The following clip is a little silly, but gets the point across – it’s from a great movie musical, Hairspray.

As you can see, these kids are the “nicest kids in town”, and they are all white. While that may not be racism, it is certainly discrimination. Later on in the clip (around 2:10), you hear “Nice white kids who like to lead the way, and once a month we have our Negro day!”. This, my friends, is where the racism comes into play. They are blatantly advertising that the white kids are somehow nicer or better, and the only ones worthy of being called the nicest kids in town. Then, they share that once a MONTH they have a day for African Americans? Simply unfair! Granted, this film is set in the 1960’s, which explains how these attitudes could have been culturally acceptable.

These days, racism has no excuse. Get over it!

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