Racism by Austin Peterson (Blog Entry 8)

Many say its an issue of the past and in many areas our society has come a long ways in issues or Racism. Racism is an individuals prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behavior toward people of a given race. Racism is a is a type of discrimination which is unjustified negative behavior toward a group or its memebrs. Many have moved past thsee issues but also many have not.

A good example of Racism is shown in the movie “Remember the Titans.” Remember the Titans is set in the 1970’s and so it would be more prevelent in this time period and this move shows great examples. This link is a piece of the movie when some locals throw a brick through Coach Boone windown while yelling some rude things. It is an attack against him because of his skin color and is shocking to the assistant coaches white daughter who is over at their house.


Our society has come along way in dealing with Racism. But it is an area we can always improve. As the movie clip from Remember the Titans shows some people take Racism to the extreme and do things out of line. While many dont do anything out of line and are mature enough to handle the situations. In the end its an opportunity to show love for our fellow man by treating everyone equal and avoid Racism.

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