Remember the Titans Amy Jennings

Ethnocentrism is a kind of prejudice that has to do with one’s ethnicity. (Ethno-centrism. Pretty simple, right?) In believing that your ethnic or cultural group is superior, you also believe that others are below you. The movie Remember the Titans is all about this kind of prejudice and discrimination.

When we are naive enough to believe that our race is superior, our view of the world changes. Suddenly, the KKK and the Third Reich don’t seem so extreme. Why shouldn’t we rule the world if we are genetically better?! It is so important to expose ourselves (and our children) to other cultures and ways of life. When you learn to appreciate, understand, and know people of other cultures, you see them as people. They cease to be a group and you begin to see them as individuals. You see them all as children of our loving Heavenly Father.

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