Sexism by Catherine Dodart

Sexism: stereotyping, discriminating, or being prejudice against the opposite sex, in most cases being women.  Over time, sexism is something that has become increasingly better. In the old days women were not allowed to speak their mind, have careers, or in some cases leave their home. Today however women have much more opportunity. They can go to college and get a career, own their own company, run for president, etc. Although women have been able to do more sexism still exists. I have often heard, “Your probably a bad driver because your a girl,” or “That must be easier for you because your a girl, you can get whatever you want.” This is a form of sexism. Women work just as hard as men, if not on occasion more. An example of sexism that I found was the clip from, She’s The Man, where Amanda Bynes pretends to be a boy just to continue her love for soccer because the boys won’t let her play on their team.




In conclusion, sexism still exists today not only towards women. There are times when boys have been stereotyped as well with things like being emotionless, or not being able to care about others and have feelings. The text says, “Sexism is an institutional practice that discriminates, even if there is no prejudicial intent.” This means that sometimes even when we think we aren’t being sexist we may actually be offending someone. Both genders struggle with being sexist and its something that will probably always exist.

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