Stereotypes By Kelsey Lemmon

A stereotype is defined as any preconceived ideas about a group of people. These ideas are usually inaccurate and overgeneralized. Stereotypes are enduring ideas that are hard to change.

My best friend in high school had many stereotypes about Mormons, particularly Utah Mormons. When she joined the church, I tried to convince her to apply to BYU. She didn’t want to come here because of the stereotypes she associated with Utah Mormons. She thought that they tended to be stuck up and self-righteous. She thought that everyone here was mormon because it was a culture, and that no one was truly converted themselves. She stayed in California for school but came up to visit me here several times. She soon realized that several of her stereotypes were wrong. She still won’t admit it to some degree, but the way that she talks about Utah Mormons has definitely changed.

My friend’s stereotype of Utah Mormons was based on her preconceived notions. She had never actually been around Utah Mormons, but based her ideas on what she had heard from others. Her ideas were overgeneralized, not all Utah Mormons fit her description. On top of that, they were basically inaccurate. Even when she was shown evidence that proved her ideas false, she still had a hard time admitting it and letting go of her stereotypes.

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