Surgeons vs. Doctors by Carmen Mowrey

The term prejudice could be defined as a negative attitude aimed towards a certain group and its members. Oftentimes prejudice is used to describe one’s attitude towards those of a different race or gender, but in this clip taken from the TV show Scrubs they show a different type of prejudice.

Scrubs Side Story – A Surgeon & A Doc – YouTube.

This clip illustrates a prejudice that exists between surgeons and doctors because they appear to believe in an “us vs. them” attitude. Instead of Turk supporting JD’s opinion, Turk (the surgeon) convinced the patient to let him do the surgery. That promoted a negative attitude from JD about surgeons, although he does not act on his attitude. If he would have, this clip would be illustrating discrimination. Instead, the doctors near the end of the clip race wheelchairs against the surgeons, showing that a negative attitude still exists against the two, but not enacting negative behavior towards each other.

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