Influences on Aggression- Seren Bezzant

Aggression is defined as verbal or physical acts intended to hurt someone. The book identifies several influences on aggression such as extreme heat or any kind of climate change such as extreme odors.

So my family has had a few experiences with this. On a family vacation in South Carolina we were experience extreme heat and humidity that my family was not used to. My niece was about one or two years old and she kept telling her mom she was cold. Her mother, after may complaints about being cold, got very aggressive and said “You are not cold it’s a million degrees out here and you are sweating!” My niece just retorted “No, mom I cold” and that only made the situation worse. My sister-in-law is a very even tempered person but because of this extreme heat, she acted more aggressively than she normally would.

Another experience is with my nephew. He’s about six years old and he has a very sensitive nose. Any strong smelling lotion or soap really irritates him. He hates any kind of strong smell, good or bad. They are all stinky to him. So one day I was babysitting him and I had to go to work, so I was getting ready. My hands were really dry so I put on some lotion and that really set my nephew off. I had made him a sandwich and he wouldn’t eat it, because he could smell “my stinky smell” on it. It became very verbally aggressive with me and said a lot of mean things to me that he wouldn’t otherwise have said, if he wasn’t experience this climate change, the extreme odor.


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