Passive-Aggressive behaviour by Kayla Sharee Baucom

Although the book talks about hostile and instrumental aggression, I think passive-aggressive behaviour also should be talked about. Passive-aggressive behavior is expressing aggression (or frustration) in an indirect or non-assertive way. 

We’ve all experienced or been prone to passive-aggressive behaviour at least once in our lives. One shining example that happened to me was with a former roommate. She made it her personal goal to bug me just because I existed (probably not, but it felt that way some days). Some of her passive aggressive behaviours included: moving my things from where I last left them, leaving notes about what temperature the house should be at, and putting the furniture in strange positions.

Her behaviour was passive-aggressive because instead of hitting me when I turned the heat on, she found a non-verbal, non-assertive and indirect way to tell me that she was displeased with me as a person, or displeased with a behaviour that I had engaged in.

Put an end to passive-aggressive behaviour now! Use your words to end a conflict!

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