“Primal Urges” by Tatiana Herman

“Primal Urges” by Tatiana Herman

Aggression is defined as physical or verbal behavior that intends to cause harm. It is deliberate action taken to hurt in one way or another. Some examples of this include punching, slapping, kicking, verbal threats, gossiping, and cruel remarks. One particular type of aggression refers to instinctive aggressive energy. It denotes that it comes with humans from birth so is unlearned and universal, meaning that everyone experiences it regardless of race, culture, or gender. If it is contained, it builds up until a stimulus causes it to explode.

Watch until 0:22

This clip demonstrates Regina using non-physical means to purposefully hurt Cady. Cady was born in Africa and lived there up until high school when she transferred to a U.S. school. By the time this scene takes place, she has already endured plenty of mental and emotional torture at the hands of Regina. She is aware of what Regina is doing and visualizes the manner in which animals (which she observed her whole life) would resolve the aggression that both girls feel. These feelings would not stay pent up and result in manipulating plots to retaliate, but rather would cause the girls to fight it out right on the spot. This shows a quick and instinctive response to the primal aggression that many believe we all have inside of us. The question is- do we give in?

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