The Avenger’s Aggression (by: Jennae Haug)

Introduction: People often times react to frustration with anger or hostility. Anger can release the built up frustration, and can thus become an effect of frustration. The theory behind this chain of events is named the Frustration Aggression Theory.The theory states that frustration triggers aggression, and thus, when one becomes frustrated, one may respond with aggression.


Conclusion: After an already difficult battle, Loki continues to bring in more troops from another world. The Hulk is already impulsive, but just prior to this infamous moment, he announces that he has figured out how to control his aggression. Therefore, when his frustration leads to aggression, it is not necessarily innate or uncontrollable as it has been in the past. Therefore, the aggression is a direct result of the frustration the Hulk experiences from the battle and is an example of the Frustration Aggression Theory. on Theory.

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