The Effect Of Video Games On Aggression Catherine Dodart

A popular debate today is on whether or not video games can enhance aggression in teens. Aggression is any type of physical or verbal behavior that has the motive to hurt someone. Many teens today and even some adults don’t believe that video games can affect our mood or aggression levels. The text states that studies have shown that violent video games have five common effects on people.

1- It can increase arousal. 2- Increases aggressive thinking. 3-Increases aggressive feelings. 4- Increases aggressive  behaviors.5- Decreases pro-social behaviors.

Growing up we were not allowed to play violent video games, however my older brother once got his hands on the James Bond 007 game. My little brother and I would watch him for hours and I didn’t notice any direct changes right away. However, after some time playing the game on its mission mode he would become easily aggravated and defensive over anything. After playing for hours his face would be bright red and he would just look like he had run a marathon. After my mom began to notice some changes in his mood she found the game and took it away.

We may not always believe that video games can cause an increase of aggression and some may claim that it helps relieve stress or tension. However, there have been studies that show that when children play violent video games as opposed to a regular game they begin using their emotional side of the brain as opposed to the side that uses rational thinking and concentration. Concerns were greatly expressed about violent video games after the Columbine High School Massacre. Both of the boys that were involved in the shooting were heavily immersed in games called, Doom and Wolfenstein. Some analysts argued that part of the killers’ problem may have been desensitization due to their constant exposure to violent imagery in such video games, as well as other media.

In conclusion, violent games can have an affect on someones level of aggression. Some states are still fighting today to have video games banned because they believe it can have a strong, negative impact on someone of a young age and even adults.

  1. #1 by jamiebryn on May 29, 2012 - 7:56 PM

    Catherine, thanks for the interesting news clips! I totally agree with you (and the research) that violent games can have an affect on a persons level of aggression. When I was younger my older brothers, too, played N-64 James Bond 007. It didn’t take long for my brother to start acting out more aggressively. As the youngest, and only sister, I was the victim to their teasing and “games”. These games were not so much fun for me, but my brothers loved these “games”. On of these games was target practice. My brothers would throw anything they could at me. As a five year old it hurt! Usually “games” like this were a nightly routine after hours of video games. Thanks for the post!

  2. #2 by austindp on June 5, 2012 - 1:10 PM

    I think this is a great post that has very persuasive evidence. I also this is an example of a stress creator. It doesnt create real huge stress but it can be an irritant if the gamer loses or it doesnt end as he had hoped. And these little stresses can lead to actions of aggression. I used to throw my padels all the time if the game I was playing didnt happen like I wanted it to. Video games definently increase aggresion in people, I totally agree with your post!

    Austin Peterson

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