Bully by Jamie Rhoten

Recently I saw a trailer for an upcoming documentary called “Bully”. This documentary could be related in many ways to the topic of Altruism but I first thought of it as an example of the Bystander Effect. The Bystander Effect is the tendency for people to be less likely to help another when there are other people or bystanders around.

In the scene where the boy or “nerd” is on the bus full of other students is an example of the bystander effect. The boy was being punched, strangled, and stolen from. He was in obvious need for help. Why was there not another student that was willing to help? According to the bystander effect it is because a person notices that there are other bystanders witnessing the event as well, so there is a lack of assuming it is their responsibility to help.

Hopefully with this documentary there will be enough pro social behavior advertised and education on the matter taught, that when it comes to bullying, there will not be a bystander effect- I hope others will help.

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