Examples of Empathy by Austin Peterson (Blog Entry 10)

Natural disasters happen all over the world and often when these occur many feel very strong empathy for those involved. Empathy is the vicarious experience of another feelings or putting oneself in another shoes. Empathy is a great thing and the more that feel it the better. The book has a good quote by Michelle Obama where she said “When people ask me how Im doing, I say Im only as good as my most sad child.” A great example of empathy on her part.

The greatest thing empathy can do is motivate. Below is a video of a service project done by a ward to help the relief efforts in Haiti.

Although many of these people are not going through exactly what the people of Haiti are going through there empathy  is motivating them to act. The help they can provide is not going to change the world back to what it used to be but each effort can help and do more than if it wasnt done at all.

Empathy is something we all feel for others when we see them in a tough situation. Parents will often be the ones who feel empathy the most and their example can lead to great actions from the rest of us. The books points out that in humans empathy comes naturally and as well all use this natural ability for the greater good we can help make the world a better place!

  1. #1 by kaylasharee on May 30, 2012 - 6:20 PM

    I really like the quote by Michelle Obama! You’re example was great too. I also think you explained what empathy is really well. I’m glad you chose to explain empathy because you did it a lot better than I could have. 🙂

    Kayla Baucom

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