Crazy Stupid Love -Tianna Freeman

Self-disclosure is something that is nearly impossible to avoid in life. Every time we meet a new person we disclose some part of ourselves. The farther we get in a relationship, the more we reveal intimate aspects of ourselves. But there is always the matter of how much do we reveal about ourselves in the different steps of a relationship. There is always the question of how much we should reveal about ourselves as our relationships become more intimate. A good example of the different levels of self disclosure can be found in the movie “Crazy Stupid Love”:

The relationships in this movie are crazy. There are friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, neighbors, ex-husbands, daughters, wives, etc. And the relationships are all twisted together in crazy ways because of the levels of self-disclosure each person decided to commit to. Self-disclosure is good and it’s necessary, but it is left up to our own judgement to determine how much is necessary to avoid some crazy and stupid situations.

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