Fearful attachment by Catherine Dodart

Fearful Attachment: is when people are afraid to become involved in a relationship due to a fear of rejection.

This is something that I feel many of us experience at one point or another, or maybe even many times while we are in the dating scene. Dating can be scary! Nobody on either end wants to get hurt and sometimes the fear of being hurt keeps us from embarking on relationships that could turn out to be amazing experiences.

I recently saw the movie Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, and in the movie the women become sick of being in relationships that don’t end up ending happily ever after. A writer, Steve Harvey, comes out with a book that is supposed to give women all the ins and outs to understanding men and thinking on their level. Each girl purchases the book and ends up meeting someone she wants to date. Each of these men struggle in one area or another and at some point in the movie each one is an example of fearful attachment, whether its the girl in the couple or the boy.

In conclusion, fearful attachment isn’t something that happens to only men or women but is something that can be worked on. Relationships are always tricky but the best thing to do is just have fun and go with it!

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