Opposites do not attract…at least not in my case by Matt Landeen

Similarity Hypothesis – We are attracted to people who are similar to us because they share the same values and opinions as we do, and we like our values validated.

This rings very true to me.  I would like to consider myself an accepting person, but I know I am guilty of regarding those that hold the same values and opinions as me at a higher level than those that do not.  When I meet someone that shares similarities with me I feel better and I believe subconsciously I view or possibly treat them better than someone that differs.

Before class started there were some people talking about a controversial subject.  When all came to the conclusion that everyone agreed, some were saying, “exactly” or “thank you.”  They had their values and opinions validated by others and hypothetically it is more likely that they would be friends with each other than with someone that did not share they same opinions as them.

Like I said, this rings true with me, I am more attracted to people that share similarities with me, I think we all are.

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