Opposites May Attract, but Similar is Better (Jennae Haug)

Relationships are perhaps the largest part of the world. People do not live well isolated, and thus, they form relationships with others. Research proposes that relationships between people who are attracted to one another thrive best when the couple shares similarities with one another. This is known as the similarities hypothesis. This hypothesis may thus also support the notion that when couples do not share similarities, the relationship may not thrive as much as it otherwise could.

A few years ago, my aunt married the love of her life. They dated for many years prior to the ceremony, and felt it was the right decision to wed! Everyone was ecstatic. They did share a lifestyle difference. My aunt is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while my now uncle, is not. This had never proven to be an unbearable obstacle in their time dating however, and they had high hopes of the difference not posing a problem in their marriage. Unfortunately, when they had their first child, their religion differences did get the best of them, and things have been unstable ever since.

Because my aunt and uncle do not share a religious similarity, their relationship is not currently thriving as much as it perhaps could if they did share similar religious beliefs. With a child to consider, their relationship has not thrived as much as it did when religion only affected each partner, and perhaps, even then their relationship did not thrive as much as it could have if both were members of the same faith. Therefore, my aunt and uncle’s relationship demonstrates the similarities hypothesis.

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