Self Disclosure: A Superhero’s Greatest Wish-Ian Hawkes

Self disclosure is an important part of any intimate relationship. It involves individuals revealing intimate characteristics about themselves with someone they are in a relationship with. This is important for genuine intimacy, because it makes those in a relationship more comfortable with one another. This intimacy is also extremely enjoyable. Most people feel extreme pleasure when someone confides in them, and also feel more comfortable with those they have confided in.

In Spiderman, Peter Parker struggles to build an intimate relationship with MJ. Peter has superpowers, and therefore has entire sections of his life which he keeps secret from MJ. When MJ confides in Peter that she likes Spiderman, Peter tells MJ how he feels about her and begins to tell her his deep feelings for her, which strengthens their relationship. Later on, when he discloses his secret identity, they are able to grow even closer, something which would have been impossible without self-disclosure.

  1. #1 by btobiasson on June 1, 2012 - 6:22 PM

    Here’s what I thought was an interesting question… In a relationship, that is progressing well and let’s even say even after 10 years of marriage, are there certain things that would be better NOT to disclose? For example, if I had a stuffed pink koala that I like to pet and sing to every night, could that ruin a relationship? Can you think of anything that would be better NOT to disclose?

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