“Functional Social Support”-Liz Ammons

Functional social support is made up of the type of support received, which includes informational support, emotional support, tangible support, and belonging support.

When I get stressed I become more emotional. Sometimes I even become a little irrational and will become easily upset at little things. Many times I have come to someone for support, generally my parents, expecting to receive emotional support that will help me overcome my problems and my stress or anger. Several times I have received informational support rather than the emotional support I desire. This only aggravates my stress. One particular example was when I gave personal information to my parents, which was a source of emotional distress, and instead of giving emotional support I was given informational support. Because I was emotional, this was harsher than I anticipated and I became angry and hurt.

The type of support given is very important for different situations. It is very important to have social support. The different kinds of functional support are equally important, but need to be used in the appropriate situations. Informational support, emotional support, tangible support, and belonging support are all important for different situations and for different people.

Liz Ammons

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