Saved by a kiss_Kim Alvardo

The Similarity-Attraction Hypothesis is used to explain why people become attracted to each other. It basically says that the more similar people are the more that they are attracted to each other. This can extend beyond just physical attributes or socioeconomic status,  people can be drawn together based on other factors like similar life experiences.

This video is in Mandarin so please read the video description first (I made some edits to make the translation into English more fluent) :

On Jun 20th, 2011, a 16 years old boy wanted to kill himself on the bridge in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China. A brave young lady used her kiss and passion to conquer the suicide’s idea, and save his life with other firemen.
According to the report, the boy had lost his mother when he was a child and his step-mother cheated his father of all of his money. He felt lonely and helpless. He never had love from his family.
The heroic young lady is a hotel steward. She said that  although she didn’t know the suicide she had the same difficult situations and even wanted to suicide several times. When she talked with the boy, she cried, because she totally understood him. She thought that the only approach was love. Finally, she succeed by a kiss!

As demonstrated in this video because the girl  had a similar experience of wanting to commit suicide at some point in her own life she had empathy for the boy’s feelings and felt a  deep connection to him and  because of all this she was able to save him with a kiss.

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