stress and shingles: Clarissa

Health Psychology: this is the study of how social, psychological and behavioral processes effect one’s physical health.

Two weeks ago I got a form of chicken pox known as shingles. I had no idea what it was at the time or how I got it. After a visit to the doctor- it was diagnosed as shingles.

I found out that shingles can be a reaction to lots of stress. I reviewed the previous couple of months and realized that there had been many stressful instances that probably had accumulated and now were taking a toll on my health.  It was strange that stress could be the cause of this weird rash- but it was.  Since then, I have made sure to keep myself in check and not let myself worry about things that are out of my control.  This is one of the disciplines that health psychology deals with- that is- how psychological factors effect an individuals health- specifically stress!

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