“Stress Stress” by Samuel Ramos

It is hard to measure the amount of stress we all go through in our day-to-day activities. It is also difficult to notice the outcomes in our behavior stemming from stressful circumstances. However, if I was to define stress in a short sentence I would say that it comprises everyday irritating, distressing, and frustrating demands that define interactions with our environment. It was also studied by Holmes-Rahe social readjustment that 70% of individuals involved in the study began to show signs of physical illness. Whether we react physically or emotionally to different stressors, it is important to note that it does occur differently in every individual.

For me, I don’t think I can point out from the top of my head any specific reaction from stress. I almost believe I avoid stress as much as possible and don’t bother about a lot of things as probably I should’ve. Therefore, not dying over things that didn’t work out in the past has been a great remedy to avoid evident frustration with my current behavior. Since stress is almost attached to our routines, I strongly work towards avoiding regretting unchangeable facts that occurred. If ye can’t change what we experienced previously objectively, why bother hitting the same key over and over again? I rather work towards a solution. I’m sure it is more effective and less stressful than complaining about how our life was or is bad due to past events. Below I also have a good example of what stress can cause.

In the link provided ahead, we can observe a very stressful person extremely raged about his life and especially his job. With all those stressors accumulated in his mind, this is how he choses to deal with it.

Like it was stated initially we all react in different ways to our different stresses, although these are a real phenomenon we can choose to take distinct paths to eliminate these from our lives. It is just a matter of using our agency, meaning we should not establish a mindset that tells us the world is the one acting upon us.

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