Wealth and Well-Being- Christine Sellers

As a newlywed and a college student, I often think that if I had more money, I would be happier. If only I had more money! Then I wouldn’t be stressed, my marriage would be easier (not that it’s difficult at all :)) and I would be able to focus more on school and things I like to do. If ONLY. Right?

Here is a link to an article I found. Winning the lottery would be the greatest thing ever and all of my problems would be solved…I’m sure that’s what these people thought, too. Read their stories.


Nope, I’m super wrong, and so are most Americans. Turns out money does not make us happier even though it’s ridiculously easy for us to think so. It is often said that “happiness rises with its affluence,” when a study showed that the number of Americans who say they’re “very happy” has decreased. People are making more money than ever before, and instead of their happiness increasing, the divorce rate, teen suicide rate, and depression are increasing.

Wealth and well-being do not necessarily go hand in hand. Money will not lead to happiness. Money MAY lead us to other things that could potentially make us happy.


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