Eyewitness’s testimony-Seren Bezzant

The book talks about the reliability of an eyewitness’s testimony. The books says that eyewitnesses who remember minor details often are looking at the face of the perpetrator. But no matter what, eyewitness testimony are very persuasive in the actual courtroom.

This is the trailer of an old Alfred Hitchcock movie. It’s called The Wrong Man. This is a true story about a man who was wrongly accused of robbing a bank. They say they have eyewitness’ testimonies and that those eyewitness have identified him.

In this clip you see the woman identifying the wrong man in the line up. In the book it also talks about minimizing false lineups and on way to do that is remind he identifier that the man that robbed the bank or whatever the crime is may not even be in the lineup. In the movie there are also a lot of leading questions from the detectives that could have led the witnesses to believe that the man in custody was the right man after all. This movie illustrates this phenomenon very nicely and shows the dangers that eyewitness testimonies can have. In the end of the movie another man gets caught robbing another store and confesses to both robberies, otherwise the wrong man would have stayed in jail. He was scheduled for trial and the book suggest that after these eyewitness testimonies, he wouldn’t have had much of a chance.

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