Social Norm Violation: Glitterly Goths, Patrick O’Connell

Well.  Breaking a social norm wasn’t easy, so it took me a couple of tries.

My first attempt was to cross dress in a social setting, but trying not to be too overt I decided to wear a fantastic lavender colored, sparkle hummingbird shirt to a social event with people I didn’t know (Photo below).  At the bottom of the shirt it said, ‘Hummer Time,’ whatever that means. However, I only got one comment, and everyone treated me like they normally do, in fact I had a good time and made a few friends.  So it didn’t work like I had planned it.



Next I decided to try something a little more extreme. I wanted to break the clean cut Mormon stereotype and wore black, painted my nails, gave myself a flock-of-seagulls hairstyle, and put eyeliner with a small black tear coming down my cheek.  Then I went to a church service.  I tried not to be disrespectful, so I sat in the back. This, by the way, was a ward I had never been to, I drove to a randomly selected chapel and sat through their sacrament meeting.  No one talked to me. I felt extremely awkward, and only a got a few quick glances from people. Overall, I felt like this norm violation was more effective, since I was effectively ostracized.


  1. #1 by jennaehaug on June 7, 2012 - 12:26 PM

    I think your second norm violation is incredibly interesting. We as members of the church are taught that all people are children of God, and we are taught to love everyone. The fact that so many people ignored you is quite saddening to me, particularly if you went alone (I’m not sure if you did or not). If you did go alone, I would hope that I myself would have approached you and invited you to additional meetings and such.

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