explanatory style by janel glidden

Explanatory style is one’s habitual way of explaining life events.  It is negative and atrributes failures with stable, global, and internal causes.

This type of style reminds me of my sister.  She is very depressing to talk to because she is a lot more realistic than me.

Recently she got the okay for her job to be transferred to Utah from Missouri.  When things got shaky and things might not happen she realistically was telling me about what could happen.  She said that she would be stuck in Missouri and back in her same old rut.  I reassured her and let her know that it would be okay by saying that whatever was meant to happen would find a way.  On the other hand, she was very realistic in keeping in mind that it was up to the managers and corporate.  She does look at some things like it is the end of the world, but she is much more realistic than me.

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