Factors Influencing Juror’s Judgement: Similarity to Jurors by Kendra Goff

It is difficult to have a completely unbiased jury. The text mentions a few things that influence the jury’s final judgement. One of these things is how similar the defendant is to the jury.

I recently had the experience of being part of a mock trial for one of my other classes. A few of my other class mates and I made up the jury. When the defendant stood up to tell his story I realized that it was one of my coworkers Tom. Tom and I got along well and had a lot in common. I listened to his character’s story and realized that i would have acted in a similar way. So I had a lot in common with both the character being played and the actor playing the character. It’s no surprise then that I voted in favor of the defendant.

Even though this was a mock trial, it still shows how the similarities between a defendant and a jury can bias the jury’s final judgement.


  1. #1 by tatiherman on June 8, 2012 - 12:03 AM

    I can easily see myself being influenced by similarities as well. I didn’t notice it before this class, but I do tend to like those similar to me much better than those who are different. And I pride myself on being open-minded and accepting people whatever their background may be! I never realized how deeply certain things are imbedded in my view on the world and those I interact with.

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